CCSC 2020


Cross-State Convening 2020 Registration

Please enter your name as it appears on your driver's license or passport. We need this for booking your flight.
Our prior convenings were in Denver, CO, Reston, VA and Chicago, IL
We need your date of birth to book your flight.
Please provide your cell-phone number in case we need to contact you during the convening. Your airline reservation also requires a phone number.

Important Dates

  • January 31: Registration

    Complete your online registration.

  • February 14th: Completed UFID Form

    Email your completed UFID Form to Christy Oxer at

  • February 21th: Send preferred flight information to Christy

    CEEDAR will book all flights for the convening. We do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Poster Registration

If you are presenting a poster at the convening, please make sure you fill out the poster registration prior to February 21.

Brief Agenda

If your organization needs an agenda to approve your travel, you can download the brief agenda.

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