Developing Stakeholder and Funding Support for Scale-up and Sustainability

About this Webinar

Please join the CEEDAR Center for a webinar on Sustainability and Scale Up. Dr. Don Pemberton will provide examples of how he has fostered stakeholder buy in for teacher education and professional development efforts in order to scale up and sustain those efforts.

Dr. Pemberton, Director of the Lastinger Center at the University of Florida, is a leading expert in developing educational programs for teachers, leaders, and K-12 students that have been sustained and scaled up in Florida and other states across the nation. Over time, he has been successful in securing more than $100 million dollars of federal, state and foundation monies to support these programs since 2002. He is an engaging and warm speaker; you will not want to miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best!

*A replay of this webinar will be posted to the CEEDAR Center site several days after its completion. If you would like to request live captioning services during the webinar, please email us no later than 10 days before the webinar.

Tuesday, October 10

12-1pm Eastern Time

This webinar has already occurred, but check back in a couple days for a replay!