Preparation for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

About this Webinar

Are you preparing teachers to address diverse students? Do you need ideas and strategies to integrate culturally responsive practice into your teacher preparation program?  Have you infused CRT practices but are having difficulty seeing results? We a have a webinar just for you!

On April 11th at 1pm EST, Dia Jackson (CEEDAR-AIR) and Suzanne Robinson (CEEDAR-University of Kansas) will host a webinar on Culturally Responsive Teaching and would like to invite each of you to join! During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn and share your work on integrating culturally responsive teaching practices into your program. 

This webinar will highlight the Culturally Responsive Teaching brief and the work of CEEDAR IHEs engaged in incorporating culturally responsive pedagogy throughout their Education Preparation Programs (EPPs).  Guest speakers include Michael Orosco, author of CEEDAR’s knowledge paper and Innovation Configuration on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy; Southern Connecticut State University’s Angela Lopez-Velasquez; Dean of University of South Dakota School of Education Dr. Donald EastonBrooks and faculty.  There will be time for you to share ideas and ask questions of other IHEs also engaging in this important work.  We hope you will join us online April 11th!

*A replay of this webinar will be posted to the CEEDAR Center site. If you would like to request live captioning services during the webinar, please email us no later than 10 days before the webinar.

Tuesday, April 11

1:00-2:00pm Eastern