CEEDAR Team Members

  • Lynn Holdheide

    Lynn Holdheide is a senior technical assistance consultant for AIR with more than 10 years of experience providing TA to state educational agencies and regional comprehensive centers. Her expertise includes response to intervention, inclusive services, evaluation of teacher effectiveness, and teacher preparation for students with at-risk characteristics and disabilities. She has served as research associate for the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality (TQ) and coordinates the TQ Connection, an online resource for general and special education teacher preparation.

  • Stacia Rush

    Dr. Stacia Rush joined AIR as a research analyst in 2005. For the Access Center, she served as a Technical Assistance Liaison with the Mid-South Regional Resource Center (MSRRC) and assisted with developing products and presentations for the center. Dr. Rush also served as team leader on the Instructional Strategies Team for the Access Center’s Knowledge Bank and on the Information Sharing Communities Team.

  • judith littman
    Judith Littman

    Judith Littman is Research Analyst at American Institutes for Research (AIR). Currently, she serves as the senior researcher for education program. In the past Judith was a part of the management team for AIR’s First Monitoring Reading Project, and organized in-house professional development for the project supervisory team. She was also spearheaded the task of developing procedures for site visits for the Reading First project. She has played active role in AIR’s Good Behavior Game Professional Development Study.

  • Daniel Conley

    Daniel Conley is a senior technical assistance consultant for American Institutes for Research (AIR) education program. In this capacity, he provides technical assistance to state and local education agencies, as well as institutions offering teacher preparation programs. Dan’s has provided as expertise in key areas such as collaboration amongst stakeholder, creating resources products and processes, facilitating professional development, and strategic planning, and implement effective evaluation systems for a grant-funded programs.

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